Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves as a living record of questions we're asked often, and/or want to do our best to be transparent about. If you have a question that isn't already included in the list below, please ask us ( and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Q: What does your name mean?

A: KBonita comes from the Spanish expression "Que bonita!" which translates to "How beautiful!". Our hope is that our designs can inspire that same feeling in the people that see and own them.


Q: How do you come up with your designs?

A: We have a few different methods, but it's usually some combination of sketching out a plan, designing the idea in CAD, then 3D printing parts, and combining them with our existing inventory of parts, beads, etc. to come up with something we like.


Q: What is your process for making earrings?

A: For non-3D printed earrings, it's 100% manual for every single earring we make, using pliers, cutters, and various other tools to achieve the desired result.

For 3D printed earrings, we use Fusion 360, Meshmixer, and/or Adobe Medium to create the 3D models. Models are printed on a modified Ender 3 in whatever colour necessary, and prepared using whatever the design requires (glue, files, sandpaper, paint, acrylic sealer, etc.).


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We offer as low as possible shipping costs based on your cart total, down to $0 on orders of $50 or more. Please see our shipping policy for additional details.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Yes, within 30 days and on non-sale items. Please see our refund policy for additional details.